Here you cand find all the informations on our canvas.

 Description and Sizes




100% Linen & Coton High Quality

Quality rating

AAA+  High Quality

Custom canvas printing

We can custom any size for you, and we can create custom canvas prints too, just send us your high resolution picture.

5 pieces canvas sizes

Size: 10x15cm x2 10x20cm x2 10x25cm x1 (4x6 x2,4x8in x2,4x10in x1)

Size 1: 20x35cm x2 20x45cm x2 20x55cm x1 (8x14 x2,8x18in x2,8x22in x1)


Size 2: 30x40cm x2 30x60cm x2 30x80cm x1 (12x20 x2,12x28in x2,12x32in x1)

Size 3: 40x60cm x2 40x80cm x2 40x100cm x1 (16x24x2,16x32in x2,16x40in x1)

4 pieces canvas sizes (A) Size 1: 20x40cm x2,20x60cm x2 (8x16in x2,8x24in x2)
Size 2: 30x60cm x2,30x80cm x2 (12x16 x2,12x32in x2)
Size 3: 40x80cm x2,40x100cm x2(16x32in x2,16x40in x2)
4 pieces canvas sizes (B)

Size 1: 20x40cm x4

Size 2: 30x60cm x4
Size 3: 40x80cm x4
4 pieces canvas sizes (Square) Size 1: 30cmx30cm x4Pcs (12x12inx4Pcs)
Size 2: 40cmx40cm x4Pcs (16x16inx4Pcs)

Size 3: 50cmx50cm x4Pcs (20x20inx4Pcs)

Size 4: 60cmx60cm x4Pcs (24x24inx4Pcs)

3 pieces canvas sizes

Size 1: 40x50cm x 3 Pcs


Size 2: 60x75cm x 3 Pcs
1 piece canvas sizes (A)

Size 1: 35cmx50cm x1 Pcs (14x20in x1 Pcs)

Size 2: 40cmx60cm x1 Pcs (16x24in x1 Pcs)

Size 3: 50cmx70cm x1 Pcs (20x28in x1 Pcs)

Size 4: 60cmx90cm x1 Pcs (24x36in x1 Pcs)

Size 5: 80cmx120cm x1 Pcs (32x48in x1 Pcs)

1 piece canvas sizes (B)

Size 1: 35x50cm x1 Pcs (14x20inx1)

 Size 2: 50x70cm x1 Pcs (20x28inx1)

 Size 3: 80x120cm x1 Pcs (32x48inx1)